Traditionally baking with honest ingredients and a modern twist in Berlin, Hildesheim and Hannover.

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about us


We at Black Apron only bake items we can enjoy with our family and friends.
Born out of a passion for tasty and delicious treats we look since
2015 for likeminded professionals and skilled enthusiasts to fulfill our dream
of bringing taste explosions and new creation to our guests.

Where ever we can, we choose regional supplier and bio dynamic grown ingredients. We consistently develop glutenfree and vegan options. In our baked goods we are looking for balance, harmony and complexity.

We believe that there is no shortcut to achieve quality. So you are invited to
enjoy our products in a harmonious atmosphere at all CODOS cafes in Hamburg, Hannover, Hildesheim and Berlin.

Because #coffeeandcakearebettertogether.


We proudly present the products and companies we carefully looked for, thoroughly tested and proven the perfect fit for our cakes and pastries.

We strive to create products that combine our passion and love for baked goods and our believe in highest quality to excite and satisfy
our guests.

We think we may have found just the right allies accompanying us on our mission.